3-MCPD and GE: A Global health concern

Prevalence of 3-MCPD and GE in edible oils

Oils 3-MCPD (mg/kg) GE (mg/kg)
Refined sunflower oils 0.08-0.96 0.36
Refined palm oils, palm stearin, palm mid-fraction 0.18-2.48 2.38
Refined rapeseed oils 0.03-0.51 0.51
Refined corn oil 1.7 2.09

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have established a tolerable daily intake (TDI) for 3-MCPD and GE as consumption of higher amounts of 3-MCPD is linked to reduced male fertility and kidney damage while GE is genotoxic and carcinogenic.

Our solution: 3-MCPD / Glycidol esters rapid test kit


Easy to use colorimetric assay

Novel, rapid method for quantification of 3-MCPD and Glycidol esters in edible oils using a simple colorimetric assay.

Faster than conventional GC-MS methods

Simple sample preparation and instrumentation, fast turnaround (4 samples in 80 min).

Dedicated support team

Our support team is available 24/7, and is ready to help you with any technical issues. We also provide onsite support and training to ensure your laboratory team is up and running in the shortest time possible. .

Low set-up and operation costs

Rapid assessment of 3-MCPD and GE values make the kit ideal for batch control and rapid point of need assessment in low resource areas.

3-MCPD / GE rapid test kit for edible oil

than GC/MS services

  • Single kit for 3-MCPD and GE
  • High sensitivity (0.5 mg/kg)
  • Low technical requirements, QC lab technician friendly method
  • Quantification of 3-MCPD and GE in edible oils
  • Can detect free 3-MCPD + GE and their esters
  • Simple sample preparation
  • Fast turnaround (4 samples in 80 min )
  • Ideal for batch screening and process monitoring
  • Colorimetric response in visible range
  • Online calculator for instant results
  • Ongoing optimisation and dedicated R&D Team
3MCPD kit

How does it work?

3-MCPD and GE are present in several edible oils that are widely used for the manufacture of consumer food products, therefore, becoming a key food ingredient for 3-MCPD and GE vigilance.

The rapid test kit requires only 80 minutes per test batch (4 samples) from sample preparation to result at an approximate cost of ~$50 per sample. In comparison, standard GC-MS analysis services can cost around $300 per sample with a turnaround time of 2-7 days.

GCMS/LCMS Analysis

Camtech offers analysis services for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of 3-MCPD and GE compounds using GC-MS.

Sample matrices we accept:

  • Edible oils
  • Food flavouring ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Cosmetics
  • Selected liquids
  • Selected solids

Standard turnaround time:

  • 10-15 working days after receiving samples

Frequently asked questions

The method has passed FAPAS proficiency testing validation. It is currently being used by our customers and partners in factories across the United Kingdom, Europe, Latam, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. Our HQ laboratory in Singapore is currently ISO13845 accredited and we are pursuing further relevant accreditation.
The assay contains two parts one that measures 3-MCPD and the other that measures Total content for 3-MCPD + GE. The values of GE can then be determined using a simple calculation.
Please refer to the MSDS for detailed information on the disposal.
Vortex, Oven / water bath at 60 °C, Boiling water bath, Centrifuge (15 & 50 ml tubes | 2100 rcf),
Spectrophotometer/ colorimeter (min 0.001 resolution), solvent resistant cuvettes.
Please contact us for special pricing or product customisation requests. We would like to understand your needs better and offer the best possible, competitive solution for you.
Some components may require cold storage (4°C) and/or limited sunlight exposure, for the full specification please contact us.
The kit has been extensively tested with Palm oil derivatives and fractions, hard fat, stearin, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, canola oil,
mixed vegetable fats, margarine fat, baking and confectionery fat. The kit is being optimised for other edible oils.


Figure 1: 3-MCPD and GE calibration curves - Camtech’s Kit vs. GC-MS

Comparison of 3-MCPD and GE calibration curves from measurements done with Camtech’s Kit or GC-MS using spiked samples. A high correlation for both 3-MCPD (R2=0.99), and GE (R2=0.98) between the kit and GC-MS results has been observed.
(Kit: n=3, error bars=SD; GC-MS: n=1, error bars=SD)

Figure 2: 3-MCPD and GE recovery data

Corn oil was used as base oil and spiked with low (0.5mg/kg), medium (2.0mg/kg), high (4.0 mg/kg) concentrations of 3-MCPD-1,2-bis-palmitoyl ester and glycidyl oleate. The current LOQ’s for both 3-MCPD and GE fall within the range of the EU regulations for edible oils. (n=8 for each graph; error bars=SD) GE was determined indirectly using the 3-MCPD and Total Values.

Risk free pricing

  • Price per test is approximately $50 for palm oil. Contact us to get a quote.
  • You are protected by our 30 day, 100% money back warranty, including shipping costs.
  • Contact us to get custom prices for non palm oil products or other tailored requirements.

Building Partnerships

We believe that partnerships are the cornerstone to understanding the problem at hand and design customer focused solutions. We currently have ongoing collaborations with several industry leaders in the edible oil and food production sectors. If you have any requirements that falls outside the scope of the kit we are constantly looking to expand.

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